Midwifery / HomeBirth Services & Pricing

Please scroll to bottom of the page for details on other birth related services! (Doula/Montrice and a la carte services including placenta encapsulation) See tabs above for Belly Binding information.

Family Tree Midwifery offers full service care for the entire childbearing year: Maternity, Home/Water Birth, Postpartum and Newborn Care with a California Medical Board Licensed Midwife for $5000. 

***Payment plans and insurance billing available...please see the bottom of the homebirth section.***  

The following services are provided:

  • Prenatal care includes monthly visits that commence at approximately week 10-12 and continue every 3-4 weeks until week 30. From week 30-36 bi-monthly visits will occur and at approximately week 36, weekly visits will occur until birth. Some circumstances may require more frequent visits. 60 minutes are spent at each prenatal with extensive individualized care including options for the same testing and ultrasound examinations that are offered elsewhere. 

  • Labor and Birth: Physical and emotional support for active labor is provided with special care to incorporate all family members you desire present. The Midwife will assist in the birth of the baby and placenta and monitor the baby and mother's immediate transition. Emergency medical equipment and advanced skills are brought to every birth, and yet space and faith are held with the belief that birth is and should be a natural process, undisturbed as possible...Importance is placed on family bonding and the strong belief that birth should be centered around your family, not medical protocols.  


  • Immediate postpartum care: Mother and baby are monitored for normal transition, and space is held for bonding and attachment for the new family. Any birth canal tears incurred by the mother (this is prevented as best as possible) will be numbed and repaired and the general birthing space left clean and dry. The Midwife will stay with the family for at least 3-4 hours after the birth to ensure mother and baby have safely transitioned to postpartum. A full head to toe newborn exam, verbal and written postpartum instructions for mother and baby, and an appointment for the following day will be made prior to the Midwife's departure.

  • Follow up postpartum care will be as follows: Mother and baby are seen at 1 day, 3-5 days, and 7 days postpartum in your home. An optional check in visit is offered at 3 weeks, (more visits are offered as needed) with a final visit occurring at 6 weeks postpartum which includes PAP smear/yearly exam for mom (if needed or desired) and discussion and referrals for future family planning needs. 

    • The most common given referrals during the postpartum time are for a pediatrician to address a concern, physician followup or assessment for the mother, chiropractic or other alternative care (CST or Bowen etc), and lactation specialists. Other resources and referrals are given as needed or requested. These additional services are not financially covered as part of your care with Family Tree Midwifery.

    • Midwives are licensed by the California Medical Board to be the primary care providers for healthy, normal, and low risk mothers and babies for an entire six weeks following the birth! 

    • In other words: Your care from pre-pregnancy/conception counseling through 6 weeks postpartum, a whole year worth of services for mom and for baby all with the same provider, is all include!

  • Please note that the cost of the following services/items are NOT included: (this is NOT an all inclusive list)

    • Lab work of any kind

    • Ultrasounds

    • Screening or Testing for mother or baby

    • Your birth kit and supplies

    • Childbirth classes

    • Transport by ambulance

    • Hospitalization for mother or baby

    • Birth Certificate fees

    • Rhogam-if applicable

    • Lactation Specialists

    • Fees for services you are referred to 

  • Payment plans are available!
  • Insurance: At this time, Family Tree Midwifery does not offer full coverage insurance billing services. We DO offer coded superbills, which you can either send directly to your insurance company or the information on the coded superbill can be transferred to the forms your insurance company requires. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company and discuss what they need from you in order for you to obtain reimbursement for fees you have prepaid.
  • All families must pay in full before the mother reaches her estimated due window (37-42 weeks), and families with insurance will be seeking REIMBURSEMENT for fees they have paid up front to Family Tree Midwifery.
  • Families planning and experienced in Freebirth/UC are welcome to contact Family Tree Midwifery for A la carte services. Please note that a la carte services do NOT include pro-rated/birth/delivery services and are NOT a way to try and piece together homebirth at a cheaper rate. Due to legal/liability reasons: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A MIDWIFE SHOW UP FOR "JUST THE BIRTH" we will not respond to requests for this service. 
  • Families signing up for care at 38 weeks receive the same pricing as families signing up for care at 4 weeks. Often there is more work to do in gathering necessary labs and reports and "catching up" when a family comes on late for care-therefore-no discounts are offered for signing on late for care. 
  • No discounts are offered for using "shadow care" and seeing another care provider at the same time. Sometimes insurance will cover lab fees and desired/needed ultrasound by doing this method of care, but our fees will not be discounted, just the same as other providers will not discount their fees for families seeing us. 
Please call today to schedule your free consultation and reserve your due date!

Don't forget to check out our page on Belly Binding services.

Placenta encapsulation is available as well!

Doula/Montrice Services

Many families want the advice and natural birth expertise that Midwives have to offer, and want to take advantage of a wealth of information about herbal, homeopathic and essential oil remedies, but would feel safer birthing in a hospital or birth center setting, or perhaps have a physical condition that does not allow for home birth. I offer a wonderful hybrid service that combines the best of both worlds.

Prenatal Care: 2-3 visits are included and packed full of prenatal advice, childbirth education, and help creating a birth plan. Email and text support is unlimited for additional questions and discussion. (More visits can be added if desired-please request pricing info)

Birth Support: The Midwife will come to your home or meet at the hospital to labor with as planned during our prenatal sessions. Some mothers want to just meet at the hospital, some want to stay home longer or even as long as possible before heading in. We offer "montrice services" during labor away from the hospital: examinations to assess dilation as desired, assessing mothers vitals and baby's heartbeat to ensure labor is safely progressing. These are services are one thing that makes hybrid care so unique and desired: A Doula alone is not legally allowed to provide such examinations and assessments, however a Licensed Midwives can! Additionally to each birth the Midwife will carry essential oils, massage oils and herbal remedies as needed to help with progress and transition, comfort and support. Every birth recives the Midwifes wealth of experience in supporting women during natural childbirth. We will caravan with you and your partner/family to the hospital or birth center and continue to support you for the duration of labor and delivery. 

Postpartum: We don't run away as soon as baby's born! We will stay to help initiate breastfeeding and make sure you are comfortable and settled before departing. 

Follow up: 1 postpartum follow up is included once you are discharged from the hospital. Typically at about 2 weeks. We are happy to offer weight checks/examinations for baby during this time or help with any breastfeeding or postpartum hurdles. We will remain available during this two week time frame for text and or email support. More visits can be added as needed or desired ( please ask for pricing info)

Pricing for this service is $3000

Payment plans are available. Please fill out the form in the contact section to set up a free consultation for these services!


Don't forget to check out our page on Belly Binding services.

Placenta encapsulation is available as well!

A la carte services

Individual visits or services are available for all families. Typically these are PAP smear visits, lactation support, prenatal or newborn exam for freebirthing families, RhoGam injections, assessment and letter for vital statistics (to help obtain birth certificate) etc. Fees start at $100. 

Placenta encapsulation and belly binding are also available starting at $200. 

Belly Binding supplies are always in stock for all you DIY mamas! Check out the Belly Binding page for more details.

Childbirth Education offered in home starting at $150 per couple.

Lactation classes and Sibling classes available!

Please fill out a contact form and let me know what you are looking for and how we can best serve you! 

Please note: A la carte services do not cover in any way, shape or form "birth services" and are not a way to get a Midwife attended home birth at a discounted rate. For legal/liability reasons, a Midwife will NEVER show up "just for the birth."