Product Recommendations from the Midwife...

*Please note: each item on this page is one I have recommended, repeatedly, to clients (patients) in my care. I decided to make this page mostly to combine, all in one place, my favorite recommendations so that I'm not constantly hunting, copying links/screenshots and passing it on individually: and, yes, some (but not all) of these links do give me a small financial kick back for items purchased through these specific links on this page which seems fair since I refer to them so frequently. 

**Also of great importance: Please seek the advice of your own healthcare provider, never a website or social media page, regarding your unique situation. Everyone has different medical histories and current needs. If you are in need of Midwifery advice and do not have a current Provider, please reach out to me through the Contact page. I'm happy to set up an appointment (VIDEO/EMAIL/ADVICE ONLY APPOINTMENTS ARE AVAILABLE with zero pressure!) 

Supplements for just about everything-
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My favorites from left to right:

-Natures Plus Hema-Plex: These softgel capsules have 85mg of iron per capsule. One a day is typically plenty to get iron levels up quickly! 

-Natures Plus Hema-Plex: Liquid Iron. This option is a bit more pricey, and only totes 18mg of iron per serving (you may have to double up - check with your health care provider) however, it is a different option from Floridex which has half the amount of iron per serving and often requires several servings per day to increase iron levels sufficiently. This option is probably the best in my opinion for those who aren't able to take supplements in pill form or chewable form and absolutely need a liquid supplement.

-Mega Food Blood Builder: These capsules are closer to the $30 range, however this supplement includes, folate, vitamin C and B12 AND is a 90 day supply with 26mg of iron per serving. 

-Natures Plus Chewable Iron: This was my standby for years and I often carried a supply to re-sell to those needing supplementation in my practice. Vegetarian and gluten free, and best of all, chewable (in a moderately okay flavor), these tote a whopping 27mg of iron per serving and for around $15 you get 90 servings. A great option if you can't stand swallowing pills but want something stronger and less pricey than a liquid iron option or if Hema-Plex will be too high of a dose for you.

Prenatal Vitamins AND DHA/Fish Oil

-I love ALL of these and feel like base prenatal nutrition should start with a Prenatal and DHA/Fish Oil. 

Misc Pregnancy/Breastfeeding safe supplements:

- Cranberry! One of the ways cranberry is so amazing is that it prevents bacteria from sticking to mucus membranes. It's one of my Go-To supplements for immune support and daily prevention. Most people have heard of cranberry for UTI treatment. It's excellent as a preventative for UTI's but also for treatment for ALL bacteria, for ALL mucus membranes (nose, throat, breast, bladder, etc) These are great when illness comes home from school and work for all members of the family! 

-D3 is normally produced when our skin exposed to sunlight. We get less exposure to D3 in our daily lives in the winter months and even in summer because we are unable to expose bare skin to sunlight for the length of time needed to produce adequate levels of D3 in our bodies. Supplementation improves everything from skin to mental health and can even improve immune system strength!

-K is widely known for it's ability to help form blood clots and heal wounds. Many people don't know that K is also important for bone and heart health!

- Dandelion leaf and root are excellent for nourishing the liver which is filtering massive amounts of hormones and blood, especially in the third trimester. I often see mothers (especially due in hot summer months) who take dandelion daily to support their liver and never see swelling in their feet and ankles. It's an excellent preventative when use in correct form and dosages throughout pregnancy.

- Alfalfa is an alternate source of vitamin K, can help control blood sugar levels and cholesterol and has excellent antioxidant effects. Alfalfa can help relieve menopause symptoms and some Midwives report it helps balance hormones, ripening a pregnant woman's body for delivery. 

-B Complex is a group of Vitamins best absorbed together and known for their emotionally calming effects. B Complex also aids in fetal development especially brain development and the reduction of certain birth defects. B complex vitamins can also help get rid of early pregnancy nausea and according to studies may reduce the risk of developing pre-eclampsia. 

-Magnesium is used when our muscles need to let go and relax. If you suffer from night time leg cramps (especially if you also have insomnia and/or constipation) it's quite possible you are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is the key ingredient in Epsom salt - which holds a form of magnesium that can be absorbed through the skin. A warm Epsom salt bath before bed can almost guarantee a better night sleep! (Try adding some to a cranky teething toddler bath - or even school age children experiencing growing pains) And come on...epsom salt bath bombs with essential oils?! Who doesn't need that!

Pregnancy Products

-Belly Support

-Essential Oil Roller for heartburn, nausea, digestive upset

-V2 Belt for support of those with labial varicose veins

-Compression socks for support of those with varicose veins in the legs

Breast/Breastfeeding Products

-Haaka - the best tool for catching extra milk while nursing or for quietly manually expressing 

-Gentian Violet is sometimes used for yeast/thrush 

-Nipple creams 

Newborn Products

-Gripe water

-Constipation aid

-A lovely alternative to a bulb syringe - nasal aspirator

-Windi - gas relief - Hey, don't knock it til you tried it! Some moms SWEAR by these!