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Birth Kit Information

For current clients looking to order their birth kit:


There are important optional add-on's for your birth kit. We will have discussed these prior to your ordering the kit. If we have not yet discussed these items, please talk to me before you order! If you miss something and go back to order after your kit has shipped, you will be charged extra in shipping and risk those items not arriving in time for the birth.


-If you have an Rh negative blood type, or if you want to know your baby or partner (or both) blood types, you will need to add on the Eldon Cards. (toggle the drop down menu to "yes" on the question that asks "Are you Rh Negative?")

-If you have opted to use eye ointment, oral Vitamin K drops or a shot of Vitamin K for your baby, you will need to add whatever of those you want to your order.

-If you will want the Newborn Screening Exam you need to add the neat nick infant heel lancets.

-If you are planning a water birth: you need to order your tub as well, see the very bottom of this page for a link to the website where you can order tubs. Pro tip: sometimes the tubs are in stock on amazon for cheaper than the fishy pool website - may be worth it to double check!


**ALERT!** The "protection plus" undergarments do run small, we recommend sizing up!


Order your kit at 36 weeks to ensure it arrives in time for your "due window." Check your kit contents compared to the packing list and make sure everything was packed correctly and nothing was missed. 

Don't forget there's more to do! You need to also gather your supplies from the "birth kit and supplies" list found in your client portal into one big box or cubby!

If you have ANY questions or get confused, please call and let's talk before you order :)

To order your BIRTH KIT, click the underlined wording below and it will take you to Precious Arrows birth supply website which supplies the birth kit. The link will actually take you directly to the kit to order, but feel free to browse the extra supplies and wonderful herbal formula's on the website and add to your order-if they can fit it in the box, it ships free...happy shopping...

Click this link to order your Birth KITLink

Click this link to order your Birth TUBLink

Remember that we carry a sump pump to drain your tub. You do NOT need a liner, fishy net, or drain pump. Just the tub, hose and adapter!

Remember to gather the other supplies on your list as well.