About the Midwife ...

Midwife: Randi Payton LM, CPM

My experience and credentials:

I am a California LM (Licensed Midwife) and CPM (Certified Professional Midwife through the Nationally recognized North American Registry of Midwives) 

More importantly,  I am a mother of 6 amazing children, four boys and two little girls (in that order)...and I'm a wife to one special guy who helps balance our world. Three of my births were hospital planned hospital experiences, two were home births and one was a Cesarean! My own birth experience is vast! I received my "calling" to become a Midwife many years ago. I knew in my heart as I worked towards Nursing School that something was missing...A vital holistic level of my education that I couldn't fill with text books and classes.  I had a craving for so much more.

When I discovered my fourth little boy was on his way I decided to embark on a different journey, and delved into anything I could absorb about Holistic Midwifery. Before he was ever born I felt the fire in my belly and the tug at my heart to follow this new found passion, which took a huge commitment and leap of faith...to which I jumped with both feet! 

I had the honor to work under several Sacramento Area Midwives for many years as a student. I feel grateful that we maintain wonderful relationships and support for each other.  I am often called to be "backup" or on call for several other practices during times of need such as family emergencies, vacations or the rare occasion when two moms are laboring at once. I am honored to have the faith and trust of my "sister" Midwives and peers. 

I love Midwifery. I think I love most the ever-evolving aspect of Midwifery. It is an art as ancient as birth itself, and yet a science that requires constant attention and integration of new information.  I pride myself on constantly honing the ancient art skills and pouring over current research and evidence based recommendations for the field of birth work.

It was not long ago that I myself was in the throes of labor with my last child, and oh the memories are so fresh! I am grateful to be able to bring those fresh memories, personal compassion and loving attention to the births I am privileged to attend. I have said so many times and will say again, that witnessing new life emerge on this planet is the most sacred honor. It never loses it's magic. Each mother, each birth, each family are so incredibly special to me. 

I cannot wait to meet you,

Midwife Randi

Randi's Credentials/Experience: 
Hospital Birth Doula-1999-2012
Associates of General Education Degree 2008
Associates of Biological Sciences Degree 2008
Enrolled with National College of Midwifery (NCM) in 2010
Actively Attended Weekly Midwifery Study Group 2010-2012
Completed Written/Study Modules and tests with NCM in 2012
Apprenticed with One Heart Midwifery Dec 2010-Aug 2012
Attended California Association of Midwifery Conference May 2012
Apprenticed with New Earth Midwifery Jun 2012-Feb 2013
Passed NARM testing in 2013
Associates of Midwifery Degree 2013
Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) 2013-Present
California State Licensed Midwife (LM) 2013-Present
Reserve/on-call Midwife with New Earth Midwifery 2013
Have attended Community Peer Review at least 4 times a year 2011-Present
CPR/First Aid Certified 2008-Present
Neonatal Resuscitation Certified 2010-Present
Certified in Warming, Sealing and Belly Binding 2015
Member California Association of Midwives
Member Midwives Alliance of North America
Excellent on-going working relationships with other practices in our area
Attend yearly conferences with renowned quality organizations for Continuing Education

My Birth Philosophy: I am frequently asked my birth philosophy. I believe birth is a natural, normal life event. I practice from a place of prevention and preparation, with appropriate equipment and skills to handle situations that deviate from normal. Michel Odent is a world famous Obstetrician and researcher who ran a maternity unit in France for many years, has authored several books and appeared for countless seminars and conferences related to birth. He is one of my favorite reads. I LOVE his advice for planning the safest birth... he says all you need is “one experienced and silent midwife sitting in a corner.” Sometimes, he says, that the midwife should be knitting and smiling.