Welcome Home... 

(Photo of Midwife Randi and Family in 2017)

Family Tree Midwifery offers complete start-to-finish care for mom and baby: prenatal care, home birth, including water birth if desired, and postpartum follow up for mom and baby for a full six weeks, with California Medical Board Licensed Midwife Randi Fay Payton LM, CPM.

Family Tree Midwifery strives to give THE VERY BEST to each and every client. Randi takes pride in balancing the ancient art of Independent Midwifery with the science of modern medical care individually tailored to each mother and her specific family needs and wishes. 

Some words of advice from the Midwife:

This is an incredibly important journey that will impact the mother, child and whole family forever! This year of pregnancy and postpartum time is so much more than the birth, just as a marriage is so much more than the wedding day. 

I want you to learn and grow deep roots, make educated and informed decisions that you feel are best for your family, have your family members included in all aspects of your care as you desire, and feel absolutely cherished during your time with me, I want you to feel like part of the Family!

-Midwife Randi

Family Tree Midwifery is based out of Orangevale and offers all in-home services to the greater Sacramento Area and all surrounding counties (including Sacramento, Placer, Yuba, Yolo and El Dorado County) within 45 minutes of Orangevale.  Home office appointments are available in Orangevale for clients living outside of our "home visit" range (usually over 45 minutes away) or who need an alternative meeting place.  

Family Tree Midwifery offers flexible payment plans, discounts and help with insurance billing! Please see the Services and Pricing page for more information. Family Tree Midwifery also offers Monitrice Services & Doula Services, Hybrid Services-for families needs hospital based care, Ultrasound Services, Placenta Encapsulation Services, Postpartum Belly Binding and an A la carte menu with tons of options that can be tailored to meet the needs of UC, UP & Freebirthing Families! Simply drop me a message by using the Contact page (link above) and I'll will be happy to help or at minimum set you up with referrals to the very best local specialists to meet your needs! 

(Please note a la carte services do NOT include any form of in person birth/delivery services.) 

You do not have to be a home birthing client with Family Tree Midwifery in order to use these additional services! 

Please feel free to browse around the website for more information about me and the services Family Tree Midwifery offers. 

When you are ready for your FREE CONSULTATION, or if you have unanswered questions, contact information is at the very bottom of every page. 

I joyously look forward to starting this journey with you! ~ Midwife Randi