Welcome Home...

Family Tree Midwifery is based out of the Orangevale/Folsom area and serves the greater Sacramento Area and all surrounding counties within 45 minutes of Orangevale/Folsom.

(Please inquire if you are unsure about location or think you may be close to, but just past that "45 minute" distance, there are options available for more distant clients!) 

Family Tree Midwifery Care strives to give THE VERY BEST to each and every client. Randi Payton, LM, CPM takes pride in balancing the science of modern medical care with the ancient art of Midwifery. This is an incredibly important journey that will impact the mother, child and whole family forever! This year of pregnancy and postpartum time is so much more than the birth, just as a marriage is much more than the wedding day. 

I want you to learn and grow, make educated and informed decisions, have your special family members included in your care, and feel absolutely cherished during your time with me, I want you to feel like Family!

Family Tree Midwifery Care offers complete start-to-finish care for mom and baby: prenatal care, home birth, including water birth if desired, and postpartum follow up for mom and baby for a full six weeks, with 

California Medical Board Licensed Midwife Randi Payton LM, CPM.

All visits occur IN YOUR OWN HOME! 

(Distant locations excluded-please inquire-there is office space available for some situations)

In order to serve more women desiring holistic care for the childbearing year, Family Tree Midwifery also offers Monitrice Services, Doula Services, Placenta Services, Bengkung Postpartum Belly Binding and a la carte services that can be tailored to meet the needs of UC, UP & Freebirthing Families, simply drop me a message by using the Contact page (link above) and I will be happy to help or set you up with referrals to the very best specialists to meet your needs!

I have a variety of care packages and payment plans available, where there's a will, there's a way! 

See the services and pricing page for more details.

Please feel free to browse around the website for even more information about me and the services Family Tree Midwifery offers. When you are ready for your FREE CONSULTATION, or if you have unanswered questions, contact information is at the bottom of every page. 

I joyously look forward to starting this journey with you!

Please note: my sweet baby girl, Gwyneth, (baby number 6) has joined us June 1st 2015!

I AM accepting new clients with Due Dates of September 2015 and later.

Your prenatal care will begin immediately, I am NOT currently on maternity leave.

I WILL have my little one and assistant with me for all appointments and consultations taking place in 2015.